Re: Feature Creep

Phillip Frost <indigo@...>

On Dec 3, 2013, at 4:01 PM, <bhhoyer@...> wrote:

the UDR has a 25MHz Master TCXO Clock

Are you asking for an external clock option to drive multiple UDRs from a common Clock?
Yes, precisely. If you can synchronize the phase of all the mixers and DACs and ADCs of a number of UDRs, each connected to a separate antenna, then you can do all sorts of neat spatial processing in software. What you have is an antenna array, but the phasing of the antennas is software controllable. You might call it MIMO, or beam forming, or spatial filtering, or field recording, depending on precisely what processing you are doing, and in what industry you are.

I'm not normally a fan of feature creep, but since this is something that requires hardware support, I thought it might be worth mentioning now. I imagine all the software that does the neat stuff can be implemented later, as long as the hardware has the necessary bolts, which is just phase coherence among multiple antennas.

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