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Steve Stroh N8GNJ <steve.n8gnj@...>

Many fans now have an output so the system can monitor if they die /
clog / jam. How about an input for such a feature on the fan. Hey,
wait, I thought there wasn't going to be a fan (the massive heat



On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 8:05 AM, Bryan Hoyer <bhhoyer@...> wrote:
Transmit testing is well underway and I have begun the board spin to prototype II, in parallel with receiver characterization.

In the process I have added a small housekeeping processor to the radio card, because a PIC with A/D and PWM was cheaper than using discrete ICs.

We have planned the following capabilities but I'm open to other functions provided they meet cost goals.

Please be specific as to what function you would like to see rather than just asking for a bunch of inputs/outputs.
Telemetry applications can be met with USB I/O so let's focus on core radio functionality.

You have Santa's ear,

Planned Functionality:

Forward RF PWR
Reflected RF PWR
PS Voltage
PA Temp

PA Gate Voltage

Digital IO
12V Fan Output
TX inhibit Input Open Collector
Synthesizer Lock Input
Red/Green TX/RX LED

Serial Interface to Main CPU Set Monitor All Values

EEPROM for Calibration Values

SW Control Functions:

PA Temp
* Fan on at PA>60C
* PA rollback at PA>80C

TX inhibit
* This will allow colocation of the UDR at a site with a 440 Voice Repeater

TX Faults RED Blinking LED
* Hi Reflected Power
* Loss of Lock

PS Low Voltage

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