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Hi Mark,

The in-built modem capability allows different speeds and modulation under software definition.

9600-bps packet, without the need for an external TNC, will be supported right out of the box.  

The name change reflects that the top speed is yet TBD, but will be greater than 56kbps.  

The faster modems will roll out as software selectable updates as we prove them out in the lab.  

The 56kbps speed could be supported, but due to the lack of a significant installed base, we are dedicating engineering resources to leap-frogging that particular rate, in favor of a higher delivered speed.

By design, the UDRX-440 will support modems and protocols (e.g. soft TNC) within the radio itself and should not require an external modem for any supported speed and protocol of the radio itself.  (One might attach an additional TNC or Node Adapter and radio to provide bridging capability to another band or mode [e.g. a 1200 baud 2m port], but this is not required for general operation.)

John D. Hays
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On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 2:18 PM, Mark L Friedlander <marklfriedlander@...m> wrote:

I understand there have been some changes to the specs since we preordered so I'd like to clarify the details on what I'm buying.

I understood that originally, I would have been able to use the UDR56K for 9600 and 56k packet without adding a TNC. As indicated by the name change and earlier posts, it appears that 56k packet is no longer included. Is that correct? What about 9600 packet. Will the new version UDRX-440 be capable of 9600 packet without an additional TNC?

Mark KV4I

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