Question on TX/RX antenna ports

Jim Kusznir <jkusznir@...>

Hi all:

I have a quick question on the implementation of the separate TX and RX ports on the UDRX:  I realize its half-duplex, so will there still be T/R switching internally to protect against tx rf coming back on the rx port?

My application is for a mountain application where a circulator is required on the tx output.  Typically for these radios, I mod them to intercept the TX path prior to the T/R switch and break them out to the circulator/bandpass cavity, then back in.  I then use the T/R switch and its single antenna connector to connect to the input antenna (which is used both for RX and TX).

So, in the case of the UDR with separate TX/RX ports, would I be able to simply split the incoming antenna and run it into the RX port directly, and take the other side and run it through the circulator/band pass filter?  Or will there be an output to drive an external T/R switch?  How would you recommend me using it in that configuration?


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