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Different team members work on different aspects of the radio.  All of the things you list are being worked on by the engineers who have that responsibility.

We have more than one type of customer.  Many of our early adopters are technologists and are focused on creating systems that work for their specific applications.  Some will port or write software that make the UDRX even more powerful and flexible.  However, we also have customers who need to be able to take the radio out of the box, set a few configuration settings and operate. 

What Bryan and I are working on for these 'plug and play' uses, is a defined set of applications we can pre-load and provide a simple configuration tool or directions.  Almost all of these applications take no additional engineering or development work; e.g. a mail client, mail transfer agent, NNTP, GPSD, etc. We simply need to identify, test, and provide configuration tools or guidance.  It takes nothing away from the engineering work to deliver the radio.  (The old analogy applies, "You can't deliver a baby in 1 month by using 9 mothers")

The critical path engineering is being addressed and we are down to fine tuning on the RF deck and modem chain.

Getting the radio done is first priority.

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The focus seems to continue to wander.  We can make mail servers and clients on some other machine at any time. 


What we don’t have is the radio bridge functionality that the UDR promises (but still hasn’t delivered).  Can we stay focused on delivering that?  Choice of modulation schemes, FEC, management and control (simple, intuitive management screens; snmp; logging, etc.)





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