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Bill Vodall <wa7nwp@...>

However, like everyone else, I'm not getting any younger, and I've been
looking at alternate solutions. Tuesday evening I bought a commercial
5.8GHz digital (eg, Ethernet) radio and 36" dish for $200 total to use with
the HamWAN project. Two days later (today) I am on the air (through a 2nd
story window -- ....

Assuming we get the UDRX with a speed of (say) 128Kbps by fall, then some of
us will only have ourselves to communicate with. I'm in the Pacific NW, and
I know some of the UDRX buyers: some of them will be "slow" to get a usable
network up. Meanwhile, I'm on the air to others on the HamWAN network and the Internet, today.
I was going to get a HamWAN setup but then I took my laptop with built
in wifi to McDonalds... Had an fast internet connection and
downloaded some cool John Denver videos and a few wild Viking wood
songs... That's working great - guess I don't need HamWAN or

Mostly just kidding. I really didn't get any Viking songs yet.

The technologies are complementary - but the Internet as it sits is an
anti-goal. Doing this just to hook to the Internet - limited as it
may be for ham regulations - is pretty much ho-hum. It's what we
can and will do in our own side of that fence that's super cool and

So Dean - what email client did you use with your new toys to send
these notes? You web site was the first to know we had a new call
listed in 59454 - good job - was that hosted on the hamWAN?

i'v been teasing Bruce for weeks about hooking up to Hamwan and bring
it to brunch to supplement the coverage we get from his clear wire
equipment. Are you going to fill in with a connection from your car
and backup bruce. I've got those John Denver videos to upload to my
cloud server and that would be good workout for a mobile hamWan node.

I'd offer to share our UHF 9600 bandwidth but give we can't download a
simple web page yet I don't think it'll help much. Still getting some
pings across every hour or soo.

Whether these radios supplant or replace my reservation for two UDRX radios,
I have not decided.
Hope to see you at burnch. Might bring my Groove and fire it up..

Bill, WA7NWP

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