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Dean Gibson AE7Q <yahoo@...>

On 2014-03-13 23:02, Bill Vodall wrote:
However, like everyone else, I'm not getting any younger, and I've been looking at alternate solutions. Tuesday evening I bought a commercial 5.8GHz digital (eg, Ethernet) radio and 36" dish for $200 total to use with the HamWAN project. Two days later (today) I am on the air (through a 2nd story window -- ....

Assuming we get the UDRX with a speed of (say) 128Kbps by fall, then some of us will only have ourselves to communicate with. I'm in the Pacific NW, and I know some of the UDRX buyers: some of them will be "slow" to get a usable network up. Meanwhile, I'm on the air to others on the HamWAN network and the Internet, today.

The technologies are complementary - but the Internet as it sits is an anti-goal. Doing this just to hook to the Internet - limited as it may be for ham regulations - is pretty much ho-hum. It's what we can and will do in our own side of that fence that's super cool and special.
You are correct; accessing the Internet is normally a "means-test", to see if the amateur radio network is just a toy between three amateurs, or actually useful.

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