Re: Activity in Statesboro-Savannah Area?

Perry Chamberlain <canoeman@...>

The icom ID-31A has built in gps, and its already forwarding Dprs packets  under dstar, to the findu IS.
But this radio looks like it will have so many  more uses. Hope it doesnt take too long for this to come out. (impatient ham)
I mean, wow, a built in linux machine.   :-)


Perry Chamberlain

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Is anyone from the Statesboro-Savannah (GA-USA) area
involved yet?

Integrated APRS/D-Star systems sound like an excellent
redundant-wireless communication network to backstop
vulnerable wired, cellphone, and Internet networks.

Integrating the currently isolated strings of networks
on 2/220/440/9600 plus APRS and D-Star deepens the density
of redundancy.

Developing 440 makes sense, as does folding-in 9600 and
220, along with 2M.


Thanks! & 73,

David Colburn - Nevils, Georgia USA

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