Re: PiDV + UDRC = Dstar, Fusion, P25, DMR?


It is possible to make the connections (either a PiDV or just use a ThumbDV in one of the USB ports), but the applications to operate all of those protocols do not currently exist.

The AMBE-3000 is the vocoder, it doesn't provide any of the radio protocols, it turns voice into AMBE and AMBE into voice, the rest is handled in applications.

Also there is some intellectual property attached to some of the commercial protocols that should be licensed.

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Would it be possible to attach the PiDV board to one of the vacant headers on the UDRC to make a board capable of receiving all AMBE3000R based protocols, connecting the beast to a VHF/UHF radio such as the Icom IC-208H via the mini-DIN? 


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