Re: Activity in Statesboro-Savannah Area?

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I went to Dayton and the one thing on my shopping list was an ID-31A (I have 3 other D-STAR radios).  I won an ID-31A as a door prize at the D-STAR Pizza dinner Thursday night!

Great little handheld.  I like that it keeps a database of D-STAR repeater locations (I need to refresh from and using the built-in GPS, I can select repeaters "near me" ...  cool.  It was fun as I passed through airports along the route.

I have already plugged a USB GPS into the UDR56K (CPU board) and loaded gpsd (a daemon many programs use for GPS data) - it loaded and worked right away.  Once the UDR56K is fully up, this will be the basis for sending GPS positions via D-STAR, APRS, AX.25, etc. :)  The mass storage is a microSD, so keeping a database of infrastructure (frequency, location, etc.) is a natural. 

John D. Hays
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On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 12:28 PM, Perry Chamberlain <canoeman@...> wrote:

The icom ID-31A has built in gps, and its already forwarding Dprs packets  under dstar, to the findu IS.
But this radio looks like it will have so many  more uses. Hope it doesnt take too long for this to come out. (impatient ham)
I mean, wow, a built in linux machine.   :-)


Perry Chamberlain

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