Yaesu Digital support / Codec2 support

Vaughn Phillips <vaughn.w0ulf@...>

Hello all,

Silly question: is anyone out there aware of whether there will be any available Codec2 or Yaesu digital support (From the team or from the community at large) for these formats on the UDRX-440?

I tried searching the group for anything about these and only ran across some side conversations about these protocols: nothing directly related to whether they'll be "available" for this platform. Please don't shoot me if I missed this somewhere else - but a link to it would be greatly appreciated if I did.

I know we've got a little while before the hardware ships out, so I suppose there's still a chance for this to happen if someone hasn't already made it reality. And no, I'm not volunteering to learn to program well enough to get this done any time soon :P


-Vaughn Phillips
Albany, Oregon, USA

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