PAVE/PAWS (Over-The-Horizon radar - shades of the woodpecker - in reverse!)


Does anyone have ideas just how those of us living in the US near a PAVE/PAWS installation (e.g., most of California) are going to be able to operate this radio?

I was really looking forward to getting back into high speed digital radio, but the US government, who have the primary allocation in the 70 cm band is making it next to impossible to do much on 70 cm in the most populous areas of California (including Silicon Valley). 50 W PEP is the limit, but many of the repeaters with any visibility have been told to reduce the power output levels by *57 dB* or more!

We're being warned that we need to keep 70 cm signals 'off the radar', so to speak. We have to be very careful with 70 cm operation to prevent a total shutdown of the band in this area. Ugh. This is going to be a problem for much of the southern US: OET --47 CFR 2.106 Footnote US7

Any hope of a 23 cm (or other band) RF deck in the forseeable future? (I know that 23 cm is still 'DC' to Dennis. :-) ).

(Or will there be a model with no power amp on it to experiment with high speed digital QRP? :-)

- Richard, VE7CVS (/W6)

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