AW: AW: PAVE/PAWS (Over-The-Horizon radar - shades of the woodpecker - in reverse!)

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Haa ha nice answer .. but does not help here

I asked a serious question and also told a reason for changing


If car manufacturer has made a new model ... and just before release it on
the next car show one of his engineers comes to him and says ... hey boss
... we have now a better motor with double the power and lower gasoline
needs ... what would the boss say?!? Scope creep??? Or would he say : man
... how fast can you add that motor to our production line /new model ???


If the designers would have asked ... I would have said earlier that more
bands in the upper range is better (more bandwidth, higher bad rate, smaller
antennas ... grin)


Would you like a 3 band radio (70cm, 23cm 13cm) ???

If you wanna build a "ham-net" hot-spot ... you could use the same radio(s)
for the user end on 70 cm and for the back-end to other stations on 13 or


Yes I know it would mean a rebuild of the tuner and rf part of that data
radio ... but I think it is worth thinking (and maybe discussing) about that
... right?!?



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- shades of the woodpecker - in reverse!)

On 05/02/2014 11:00 AM, siegfried jackstien wrote:

Is it possible to change the design and use a different chip?!?

"It is generally considered harmful
<> ."

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