Re: No 2m but still an APRS igate?

"richark" <richark@...>

I don't think there is a 'universal' APRS channel for 70cm, like 144.39 is for 2m. Here in the Northwest, we use 440.800 for 9k6 APRS.

Not sure how official this list is, but it provides other alternatives around the world.

Kenny, KU7M

--- In, Sander Pool <sander_pool@...> wrote:

I will tune my igate to 445.925 and see what I pick up over the next few
days. Near as I can tell all local (CT/NY area) users are on 144.390 but
maybe I'm missing out on a lot of traffic. I will also run my mobiles on
that frequency to see if any other igates are listening. I don't think
igates announce their frequency but if non-144.390 is common in the US
it should probably be included so you can see on and other servers.


Sander W1SOP

On 5/22/2012 2:01 PM, Perry Chamberlain wrote:
The 440 aprs packet frequency used is 445.925. In some areas, its dead
quiet, in some its packed.
But there are 440 freqs to use aprs. It just means you have better
propagation, no collisions and as long as your igated, it goes to the
WEB apr IS.

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