AW: AW: AW: PAVE/PAWS (Over-The-Horizon radar - shades of the woodpecker - in reverse!)

"siegfried jackstien" <siegfried.jackstien@...>

Ok ok ... I justwas thinking out loud ...

Just thought with a different tuner chip it would be A LOT better

And now in these sdr days ... it should be an easy task (yes not as easy as
baking cakes ... but can be solved)


So we use the udr as "user digital radio" (70cm only) ... and next release
will be 3budr (or something like that) for "sysops" :-)





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I think if I were the car manufacturer I would say "lets design another
car around that new motor, and get this model out the door on schedule.
People have signed up for this model and are waiting for it! Some will
wait to buy the new model, others will like this model and then want a
second car."

The new motor may require a new transmission, a different drive train, a
smaller gas tank, different exhaust system, blah blah etc etc.
And a retooling of the assembly line to handle the installation of the new
So we would never have any new products, because the model keeps being
delayed to make it "better".

I'm not knocking your idea Siegfried, just looking at it from my
capitalist point of view. I'll buy a bigger and better one if I decide to
later! ;-)


On 5/2/2014 4:13 PM, siegfried jackstien wrote:

Haa ha nice answer .. but does not help here

I asked a serious question and also told a reason for changing


If car manufacturer has made a new model ... and just before release
it on
the next car show one of his engineers comes to him and says ... hey
... we have now a better motor with double the power and lower
needs ... what would the boss say?!? Scope creep??? Or would he say
: man
... how fast can you add that motor to our production line /new
model ???


If the designers would have asked ... I would have said earlier that
bands in the upper range is better (more bandwidth, higher bad rate,
antennas ... grin)


Would you like a 3 band radio (70cm, 23cm 13cm) ???

If you wanna build a "ham-net" hot-spot ... you could use the same
for the user end on 70 cm and for the back-end to other stations on
13 or


Yes I know it would mean a rebuild of the tuner and rf part of that
radio ... but I think it is worth thinking (and maybe discussing)
about that
... right?!?



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> - shades of the woodpecker - in reverse!)
> On 05/02/2014 11:00 AM, siegfried jackstien wrote:
> Is it possible to change the design and use a different chip?!?
> "It is generally considered harmful
> <>
<> ."

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