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Apple, Linux, and Microsoft all use a "windows" type
of gui - there is nothing whatsoever unique about the
MS implementation.
Except that people are familiar with MS Windows' bugs and warts and when
shown a Linux desktop and hear, "Just like Windows", the assumption is
that they will be using a bug-for-bug/wart-for-wart free replacement.
Such is not the case. Proper advocacy should avoid comparisions, of
which I am guilty.

People that claim Linux is too hard to use have either heard that from
some (to them) reputable source, or had to conjur up X mode lines long
ago. ;-) These days I find the automatic detection of most any piece
of hardware I've thrown at my current Linux systems make life much
easier than it must be for those using said devices on MS Windows where
the insrtuctions vary from plug/attach device to install driver software

One neat new development is the kinect-type in-the-air
interface where hand-gestures replace a physical mouse.

Voice interfaces have finally crossed a threshold of
accuracy where they also alter the way that we control
devices. Accessibility for handicapped users and mobile
ops are obvious apps.
Ummmm, given the mood I can find myself in at times, the software had
better filter out certain gestures and words from its action command

Exciting times!
Indeed. This project instantly piqued my interest.

73, de Nate >>


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