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Those who have gone through the last 3 iterations of MS versions
of windows can now easily be told (and understand) that "Adjusting
to Linux is just like adjusting to Vista after you were used to XP."

The difference is no more radical than that - unless one chooses
to go with amore experimental distro.

It's exciting to see more Ham apps and gear moving to Linux.

Nate Bargmann wrote:
* On 2012 22 May 13:49 -0500, qrv@... wrote:
Apple, Linux, and Microsoft all use a "windows" type
of gui - there is nothing whatsoever unique about the
MS implementation.
Except that people are familiar with MS Windows' bugs and warts and when
shown a Linux desktop and hear, "Just like Windows", the assumption is
that they will be using a bug-for-bug/wart-for-wart free replacement.
Such is not the case. Proper advocacy should avoid comparisions, of
which I am guilty.

Thanks! & 73,

David Colburn - Nevils, Georgia USA

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