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Google bought a chunk of Motorola, stripped it of patents, then
dumped the carcass to the Chinese.

One would have to check to see if the tech-Borg (errr, Google) now
owns the dPMR patents, or Motorola.

BTW: If they truly did not develops the patents perhaps they could
be sued for fraud, or the patents revisited by the Patent Office
and vacated to the public domain?

In a just world with an honest government ... I can dream ...

I had the understanding that Motorola also had essential patents on
dPMR as well; See

It simply blows my mind that Motorola can hold essential patents for
standards not written by them. It seems like a blatant violation of
the intent of the US patent system, as it neither protects the
inventor nor encourages further innovation. It makes Motorola rich,
and keeps even hobbyists from learning about supporting technologies.
Yet, Motorola lays claim to these patents, and insists on charging
fees. I doubt we will see a solution to this that any of us will

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