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Motorola may claim that they hold essential patents, it does not mean that they actually do. Certainly, the dPMR Association have examined the Motorola claims and deemed them irrelevant.

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1.Google brought Motorola Cellular (Mobile Phones) Not the Land Mobile group (Radio)
So Motorola still owns the IP in Dpmr and DMR
The correct names are "Motorola Mobility" (For phones) and "Motorola Solutions" (For radios). Yes, Google bought Motorola Mobility, "Stripped away the patents" (Which is a misnomer in the first place... The reason Google wanted the patents was to PROTECT their Android partners, rather than get rich off of them... I would argue this was a net "Good" for Android consumers) and sold the rights to use the Motorola Mobility name to Lenovo (Which is hardly summarized by the derogatory use of "The Chinese;" I would argue that Lenovo has been a good custodian of the IBM Thinkpad line, and I hope for similarly good custodianship over the Razr and Moto X lines).

2.Standards are written by committees and Motorola is a member of the ETSI DMR committee
that's the way it goes !
You can read more about it here
I wasn't attacking Motorola for having been in a position to be unopposed in patenting stuff they didn't invent; That's just good business... I criticize the patent system for being open to this kind of abuse.  

Furthermore, I don't argue that there is anything we can do about it... I DID argue that it sucks, and we, as hobbyists and consumers, are going to be beat over the head with the Motorola Legal War Club that this abuse of the patent system affords them.  Once again, they get rich, and we get dumb.  Works out well for our evil corporate overlords.  

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