Re: Raspberry Pi -hardware requirements

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The AMBEserver/dv3000d daemon is very light and will run on a minimal board without problem. 

I think ircDDBgateway is pretty lightweight. If you are running dummyrepeater be sure to get the ALSA version. 

I am pretty sure I've run all on a version 1 model B.  

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Hi Everyone,

I've searched around, but could not find any info on which versions of the Raspberry Pi are supported other than a recent post regarding the model B+.

Prior to the model B+, there were two "flavours" of the preceding model Bs. The original model B had only 256MB ram, whereas the newer one had 512MB.

Is 256MB enough for the DV3000, Raspbian image, and AMBEServer software?

Thanks in advance,


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