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Hi Karen,

The UDR56K has been designed for high duty cycle at 25 watts, but not all tests for specifications have been performed. More data will be available in the future. If you look at the illustration, it has a substantial heat sink to dissipate heat. (Thermal calculations have been done -- testing remains.)

This is not a SDR radio, the de/modulation is performed within a high integration RF IC.

Electronic RX/TX switching very low settle time on frequency change or TX/RX switch. (Fast enough for frequency hopping.)

This is not a kit, it is a complete radio.

More specific specifications will be released in the future, including spectrum plots and other engineering measurements.

The buss from the computing board to transceiver mates the two eurocard boards.

Probably not at Friedrichafen this year -- our team will likely be "heads down" completing integration work through the summer to get the radio ready for the Q4 delivery goal.

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Hi John,

well, UDR56K - sounds good and promising.

Can I have few questions:

- RF TX power 25W is for 100% TX cycle? No degradation or switching to low RF power level?
- any additional cooling systems for 25W RF power and 100% cycle?
- what is RX/TX time (TX delay)? Electronic or mechanical RX/TX switching?
- RX: conventional or SDR (I/Q)?
- bandwidth of I/F filters for different speed (switching filters)? Type of filters?
- two points modulation (VCO + VC-TCXO)?
- RX multisignal selectivity?
- direct interface to TRX?
- availability of description of internal interfaces?
- kit availability?
- do you plan to demonstrate any concept of UDR56K in Friedrichafen, Germany in June 22-24?

Good luck with the UDR56K project!

Karen, RA3APW

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