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Hello Team,

Can anyone let me know the main differences between the GPIO / USB version.

They are functionally the same.  The GPIO version appears as a serial port to the Raspberry Pi and the USB version appears as a serial port to any computer with the correct FTDI USB serial driver.


My main question is will the USB work on a raspberry pi, it gives a bit more flexibility down the line.

Yes and Yes.

Also the 25 watt digital radio, is the price complete or would you need to buy the gpio 3000 board to make it work?

The UDRX-440 is primarily a digital data radio.  To include digital voice one adds a DV3000 (GPIO) or ThumbDV™ (USB) device, as an additional option.

I have 2 main projects in mind and would appreciate your feedback.

1:- analogue gateway to d-star / dmr using a dv300 and dummy repeater / analogue radio (plus interface)


2:- Longer term goal set up a DMR repeater, but really need help on the licensing side / set up here.

NW Digital Radio is not currently planning to create a DMR package for the UDRX-440, but others have expressed interest.   BTW, multiple ThumbDVs can be attached to a computer to provide multiple AMBE streams. The DMR and D-STAR AMBE streams are slightly different and would need to be encoded separately (though the AMBE 3000 chip can do each).

I look forward to talking with you all soon and learning more about these great products and technologies.

Best 73 de James kg7efv


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