Re: GPIO versus USB on the 3000


Hello and thanks for the answers most useful.

It seems for me the USB is a better way to go.

Can I presume the dv3000 u replaces the older blue and red dvd dongle for d-star and the functionality is pretty much the same? will be good on the simplex node / pi. But also good when travelling connected to the laptop.

This will work for simplex by the looks of it which is ideal for my UK simplex node mb7ism.
Can do an analogue to d-star gateway, maybe in the future DMR.

Replacing irlp-echo-link, I wonder if you can use dtmf to control which reflector you connect to or which repeater.

Can you also access the data side of d-star, run something like d-rats?

Thanks so much happy afternoon

James kg7efv

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