Re: GPIO versus USB on the 3000


Hi Thanks for the reply,

The analogue simplex gateway looks quite simple and I'll build one of those.
The USB option seems more flexible, so all decided on that option. use it on the pi to start with as a gateway 

I do like the data radio, but its just out of reach at this time, money wise ill take a look in a few months because this is right up my street.

I've used a blue dv dongle before and got access to d-star, I am not fully up on DMR, but id like to set it up.
We have a possibility to create a new DMR repeater here in the UK if we can figure out a cheap enough way to do it.

From the post on pc repeater its quite far off, let alone the licensing issue?

Can you get it running simplex just pc / dv3000 speakers and mic? analogue fm in?

What about fusion? I guess that's the same?

Thanks and have a great day



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