Re: DV3000U Cant find AMBE Dongle on port specified.

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Does this receive 700 MHz digital?

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Are you running AMBEserver?  That error message mean that it did not find the device.

I am assuming you are using a ThumbDV.

If you have not already done it click on the link AMBEServerWin at the top of the page

Use the -x flag when you start it up so that you get debug information

e.g. AMBEserver.exe -c 7 -x

Then startup dummyrepeater, if it is configured properly you should see it requesting if the device is running under AMBEserver.exe and it will reply with AMBE3000R (and other information).  If dummyrepeater doesn't see this string, it gives the error message you see.

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Hi All:

I get this error message at start up every time.  Windows 7 system,  I can't even find the dongle anywhere on the machine but Win seems to know its installed?

What am I doing wrong.

Any help please.




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