Re: DV3000U Cant find AMBE Dongle on port specified.


Hi John,

I just received my DV3000U today and I am having the same problem.  I've read through the instructions for ambeserverwin and still need some help.  I am using a netbook running windows 7.  Now, first thing is I have downloaded the most current version of ircddbgateway and dummy repeater.  I am familiar with those programs and have set them up accordingly.  I am having problems with where to extract the AMBEseverWin files.  You say to save them to a directory but unfortunately I do not know how to do that or where to put them on the computer so the zip file currently sits on my desktop.  Also, if I extract these files to my desktop and type the command you gave above AMBEserver.exe -c22 -x (the dv3000 is on com port 22 in my case) I receive an error message.  I'm guessing because I haven't extracted the files to the proper place. If you could give me step by step instruction on the entire process, I would greatly appreciate it.  thanks in advanced and I look forward to getting the dv3000 up and running!

Rob Antonacci

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