RF access point application confirmation

"Michael E Fox - N6MEF" <n6mef@...>

I’d like to confirm my understanding of what will be delivered with the UDRX-440.


The application I’m interested in is to replace multi-access 1200/9600 baud TNC environment with multi-access 56kbps (or higher) service.  Yes, I understand that the connection to the UDRX-440 would be Ethernet, rather than serial.  Specifically, we would look to unplug an existing 440 radio with TNC from a BBS serial port and replace with the UDRX-440 connected to the same LAN as the BBS.  We presume users would then telnet (and use other standard IP protocols) to the BBS, instead of their existing serial/AX.25 connection.


So my understanding is:

-- The UDRX-440 functions as either a layer 2 bridge or a layer 3 router.  Please say which.

-- The UDRX-440s provide 56kbps or higher bit rates, with forward error correction.  Please say which rates/modulation schemes.

-- One UDRX-440 could be set up to perform as an access point.  It is connected to the network and placed at a location with good RF reachability to surrounding users

-- Multiple users in the area each have UDRX-440s connected to the local LANs and acting as clients of the access point.

-- The UDRX-440s implement a protocol that provides some type of media access control so that the users can share the common frequency and contact the central UDRX-440 (or each other) all at the same time.  Please say which one(s).  This would be similar to (but obviously not the same as) how multiple TNC users connect to a central TNC at the same time, or multiple wifi clients connect to a single wifi AP at the same time.

-- Logging, diagnostics and other status and troubleshooting displays will be available, perhaps via a web page.  Please say what, specifically.

-- All of the above functionality will be configurable without having to write custom software, scripts, whatever.


Assuming the above is true, we would intend to replicate that in several locations.


Can one of the NW Digital Radio folks confirm that this solution will be deployable when the UDRX-440 starts shipping (currently scheduled for Q1, according to the web site)?  If not, what are the gaps and when would you expect to have that functionality?


Thanks in advance,




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