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Excellent, you have to love the ingenuity of hams crowd sourcing. I was under the impression the two were not compatible. Great to know this can be overcome.



Perry Chamberlain

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CODEC 2 is currently missing any FEC, and will not operate down at the required bit-rate to be usable in D-Star.  It’s getting there, but I think it has a way to go so don’t expect a swap-out any time soon.


Now, the Yaesu offer (currently) is a dPMR-based FDMA system.   But it does look like they will be going to a DMR TDMA system in the future.


dPMR and DMR both use AMBE2+ - not compatible directly with AMBE2 in D-Star, but DVSI have (very cheap) chips that can do both modes.  And of course you can transcode between them, either in software if someone is willing to pay DVSI $,000s for the SDK, or in hardware if $20 is more in your budget.


So, what we need (as I proposed at Dayton) is an Open Amateur Trunking protocol that can transport all these different codecs, and then allow people to transcode between them.


Yes, you will be locked into D-Star for a while, but I don’t see why that should be a barrier to talking to someone on, say, a DMR-based system. 




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Although this is something that should have been done ten years ago, and is cool amateur radio engineering, the hundreds, and hundreds  of thousands of dollars that has been spent on the AMBE CODEC EMBEDED equipment, is a massive barrier to this ever changing  the Dstar system. And why yaesu, has decided to come out with yet another digital mode, is baffling.

( just a note, I own 6 yeasu radios, so I am a yaesu fan)

But, thats what amateur radio is all about. But it would be nice if we could choose a common codec.

I'm financially entrenched in Icom  D-star now, so I'm locked in.





Perry Chamberlain


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I wanted to let this group know about the progress on Codec2. Codec2 is a fully open source DV codec being developed as a replacement for AMBE2000 see for details.


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