Re: RF access point application confirmation


Well, I must applaud NWDigitalradio for stepping up to the plate and developing this radio / modem package.  The big three radio manufactures have yet to provide a "black box" option to the Amateur Radio community where everything is controlled and configured from your favorite easy chair. The UDRX is at the forefront of offering this option.

The UDRX provides the installation option of being in the ham shack, the car, at the top of a tower, a mountain top node site, or a limited access building roof top in a convenient all in one small package being completely remotely controlled, configurable, and operated.

Numbers, the number of public RMS gateways in the world is 650.  Of those 454 of them are in the USA.  Of those only 34 are 9600.  I think the numbers speak themselves as to there being a readily available easy to install and operate 9600 radio / modem package for the digital data user at an acceptable performance / price point.

Success or failure of the UDRX will depend on the Amateur Radio community.  As long as it is a robust reliable hardware and or firmware platform then the open source concept of development by the end users for their application requirements will determine the future of the product.  You only have to look at the rapid rise of the Raspberry Pi, which by the way now is a 900 MHZ quad core arm7 1 GB SDRAM product with the release of the Raspberry Pi 2, to realize that if the price point is right and permits open source development then success will be the outcome.  Hopefully such development will, in the near future, provide modulation techniques with error detection and forward error correction to make the UDRX sing!



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