Re: RF access point application confirmation

"Michael E Fox - N6MEF" <n6mef@...>



Thanks, but neither is a good fit.

For #1, we’re looking to move beyond 9600 (and even 19200).  And the packaging of the UDR is ideal.  So those other options don’t really compete.

For #2, we’re looking for 440, not 900, mostly for the propagation characteristics.  But to answer your question:  yes, I’m very familiar with the Ubiquiti line; less so with Microtik.




> Again, the problem to be solved is
> 1) lack of FEC causing single bit errors to result in retransmits of entire packets in “real world” (suburban/urban) situations such that the speed gain from 1200 to 9600 is negated, and

Have you had a chance to try the UZ7HO or DireWolf soundcard TNC
programs? Both offer single or some multiple bit error recovery at
9600 or 19200. How robust they are for an infrastructure position is
still open to experimentation... Maybe with windows on the new Pi 2
things will step up a notch.

> 2) the need for even faster speeds (56K+) so we can deliver services that aren’t possible as 1200/9600.

Have you looked at the 900 MHz Ubiquity or Mikrotik data radios.
It's a different solution set than 56K with 25 W at 420 MHz - but
there are probably situations where it will work.

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