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I don’t understand the distinction you’re making since FX.25 = AX.25 + FEC.


But semantics aside, no such reluctance here since the intent is to move to higher speed which will necessitate replacing the existing equipment anyway. 


I found a spec and a TAPR DCC presentation on FX.25 from 2006.  But nothing current.  And I can’t find any complete implementations either.  So apparently this was just some experimentation that never went anywhere.  Maybe the UDR is exactly what the inventor needs to revive the work.


I did send an email to the Stensat Group (who authored the protocol) to see if they’ve heard of the UDR and would be interested in implementing. 





The holdup isn't a lack of FEC as such, but a reluctance on the part of the majority of packet operators to stop using perfectly good equipment and replace it with hardware/software options that support FX.25, which is an improved version of AX.25. If we could get past that point, it would be easier to get the faster speeds we want.


Matthew Pitts


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