Re: RF access point application confirmation


Wow, great discussion. This is exactly what we hoped for when we started the ARETF last fall.

To summarize our position at NWDR:

The UDRX will be released as a turnkey solution for current D-STAR and AX25 applications and provide a documented and supported open-source development platform. This will enable both faster communication thru legacy applications and a migration path to advanced technologies.

To that effort we will engage with the Worldwide Amateur Community thru the ARETF to foster an environment where we can exchange ideas and put them to the test. Experimentation and publication is highly encouraged. We can all play a part as developers and testers.

Our internal priority remains to deliver a high performance SDR as soon as we can.

Michael, the question for you is:

If the UDRX doesn't do what you want, what are you going to do to move it forward?

Must get back to work, have radios to build!
Bryan K7UDR

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