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There are some pretty small companies,  some people even not a company but working on their own that are delving into the bleeding edge hardware and software.  The large number of resources of a company like Motorola, Icom, Yaesu or Kenwood are simply not available to them. 

The really leading stuff relatively open hardware like the DV3000 devices, DVMega boards, DVRPTR boards, GMSK modems like Moencomm's board are out there for us to take and use.  There is NO offer from the people that produce them that there will be total turnkey software or solutions developed for specific use cases that each of us might have.  Result is that we get some darn good hardware at reasonable prices.    The  UDRX, the upcoming Moencomm board and  ConnectSystems'  CS-7000 will be welcome additions to that list.   

Yes, not everyone is a programmer and not everyone's requirements will be met.  One thing is for sure:  We are moving at an ever increasing speed in hardware and software development these days (not just in amateur radio).   If a requirement isn't met today then it might be in the future and maybe by a source that hasn't even surfaced so far.    

I'm thankful we have these folks doing things even if it keeps my wife wondering what gadget I'll get next and why my wallet stays empty.  ;-) 


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In a word, nothing.  I’m neither a hardware nor software developer.  I’m a potential customer.  As such, I’ve given a clear definition of the application and the requirements.  If the product developers (whomever they may be) don’t see fit to provide a solution, then I’ll have to come up with another strategy.






Michael, the question for you is:


If the UDRX doesn't do what you want, what are you going to do to move it forward?



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