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I don't have any data on speed of actual decode time.  These chips are usually used to handle one stream in slightly delayed real-time (e.g. they can keep up but there is a small amount of compute delay between input and output).  Also the ThumbDV is tied to a 230.4 kbps transfer rate.  I would plan on one ThumbDV per stream.

The DV3000 (GPIO version) can use trace-cut / jumper to increase the bps on the serial interface, but anything along that path is pure experimentation.

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Ah! That is good to know about IMBE vs AMBE. Right now I am using OP25 and it doesnt look like it is too tough to dump the packets at the right level.

How much faster than real time can it decode a packet? How long would it take to decode 10 seconds of audio? Would it be 10 seconds? I am trying to figure out how many recordings I could queue up and have it keep pace.


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