Re: preparing for UDRX delivery


Hi Steve,

The UDRX works from 430 to 450 MHz so line A isn't a problem. Bandwidth is less than 5% so you could just make it resonant at 440 and be done.

Here in Western Washington the Band Plan lists:

430.8000 - 431.0000 Packet radio
439.8000 - 439.9750 Packet Radio
440.7000 - 440.7750 Packet repeater outputs
440.8000 - 440.9000 Packet simplex
441.0000 National Packet simplex frequency
445.7000 - 445.7750 Packet repeater inputs

Which suggests centering at ~ 438

Of course if you choose to do D-STAR you could be pretty much on any analog voice channel or even one of the splinter channels between analog.

I wouldn't over think it too much,
Bryan K7UDR

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