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A couple of other hints.

Use the Quick Tune buttons (you may have to activate their display from the menu) for your favorite linking destinations, much easier to hit.

When in a pull-down menu (like the Repeater/Reflector list), the "left/right" arrow keys help navigate the list.

A little bluetooth keyboard/touchpad is handy.

If you would like to see UI changes, e.g. a full-screen or tablet friendly mode -- contact the author.

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First make sure all other programs are closed including any apps. Check under device manager and serial ports to confirm which port you are using. If in doubt pull out the thumbDV while watching the com ports in device manage and you will see the thumb dv com port dissappear to confirm the right number. Use the magnifier program in windows to see the tiny text when choosing reflectors. Close the magnifier down when done with it because it seems to interfere with the thumbDV sound. I have been informed that pressing the space turns on the transmit button so you don't have to try to hit the tiny transmit button. I have had several crashes and a few lock ups. It's beta software. Otherwise it works pretty well. good luck

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