Re: FUSION support

BHaney <kc9gqr@...>

So only thing left  is having the Fusion  TX?

On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 12:13 PM, wb1hbu@... [UniversalDigitalRadio] <UniversalDigitalRadio@...> wrote:


I have Fusion decode working with the dsd program (rx only). I have the DVSI USB3000 and modified dsd to use it to decode D*, DMR, NXDN, and P25.

I am in the process of getting dsd to work on a Raspberry PI 2. I plan to use the DV3000.

I want to buy a thumbDV, but the paypal login button does not work on the order checkout page. Does NWDigitalRadio only accept credit cards and no direct paypal?

73 Eric WB1HBU

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