Re: 44 addresses / JNOS 56K / Gateway Security ?

Bill Vodall <wa7nwp@...>

Who else, if anyone, plans to use 44 address scheme in the Pacific North
West around the Puget Sound? is the only activity (so far) that I know of.
At least South of the 49th.

I have a allocation request in but it seems to take awhile...still waiting.
Do you want to set up a LAN? Or do you want to participate in an existing LAN?

If you want to set up your own - request a subnet allocation of your
own at the ampr org portal.

If you want to participate the an existing LAN - the folks running it
will be the ones to hand out addresses. Or even better - it would be
automatic with DHCP.

Has any testing been done using JNOS with the 56K speed configuration option?
Not for 20 years...

Bill, WA7NWP

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