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I'm on the mailing list. In the portal it showed as the one for BC as he got the 44net for BCwarn.

I'm just cooling my jets until there's documention on how to setup with Linbpq

Don va7dgp

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Don and Paul,

The current system for requesting address space is through 

According to Canada is administered by / 16 CANADA Luc Pernot [VE3JGL]

As for the use of Net-44, you should join the mailing list at

I am the administrator for Puget Sound on the US side (Western Washington).  There are several networks allocated, the largest being a microwave based system at 

There will certainly be UDRx(s) in the address space, including on San Juan and Lopez Islands. You will see from the pre-order map for UDRx that Puget Sound is slated for many units. (zoom in).

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Don't hold your Breathe. Bob Ve7wnk. Don't quite remember his call was my contact. He is administrator on 44 group. He didn't even know he was administer..

I gave up and went to use Linbpq and using their nodes to pass mail and Winlink.



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Who else, if anyone, plans to use 44 address scheme in the Pacific North West around the Puget Sound?

I have a allocation request in but it seems to take awhile...still waiting.

Has any testing been done using JNOS with the 56K speed configuration option?

Gateway security - is this a concern for discussion.  Assign static IPs to users, DHCP server, map IPs to

MACs considering a TCP/IP environment?


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