Re: 44 addresses / JNOS 56K / Gateway Security ?


Well, thanks for the feedback.  All comments interesting.

44 allocation request: I have a request in at
The BC admin emailed me and after some discussion he forward
my allocation request up to Luc Pernot.  That's where that

Existing LAN or my own LAN.  Just trying to find out what other
UDRX-440 users plan to do in the Puget Sound area.  Yes I could
do my own thing.  But considering what was in place years gone
by with the 1200 baud 2M / 220 / 440 Vancouver/Victoria/Seattle
packet system I was wondering if it might be able to rebuild it
but having increased speed / capacity.  This would require some
frequency and IP co-ordination.

Basil, N7NIX, thanks for the WL2K message.  Great to see there is
a 2M path between us.  Looking forward to trying the UDRX-440 between

John, K7VE, thanks for the info and yes the map says it all.  Once
the UDRX-440 hits the street I am sure more orders will follow to
get in on the action.  After some initial testing my plan is to give
a presentation, to several groups in the Victoria area, on how the
UDRX-440 can be used to supplement or replace existing equipment.
1200 baud 2M and or 440 packet is in all 10 municipal EOCs and 3
districts over here on southern Vancouver Island.  An interesting
project would to make it a UDRX-440 MESH network with also mobile

Richard, VE7CVS, thanks for the comments.  Lots to play with and lots
to learn...just like the long past years of VARPA and VAPO when packet
radio was new.  Back a few years ago I helped setup a local network,
using ID-1s for the Swiftsure Yacht Race.  The rounding mark vessels
where equipped with a laptop, ID-1, antenna, and camera.  I setup an
ID-1 on a hill top with a wifi link back to my house as a gateway.
The hams on the boats took photos and short length videos and ftp the
files back to a server.  Many megabytes of data were successfully sent
to the server.  The rocking of the boats caused some problems but the
fog really killed the ID-1 signal when it rolled by down the strait!
It was an interesting experiment and fun to do.  Really looking
forward to playing with the UDRX-440.


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