Re: 44 addresses / JNOS 56K / Gateway Security ?


Amateur radio was/is portable/mobile/base station radios giving those
who can pass an exam the capability to talk across town or around
the world using voice and data. No infrastructure required.

Commercial development morphed it into a capability for the masses. So
now a greater part of everyones paycheck goes to pay for their monthly
communication expense than when it was landlines and over the air TV.
A huge infrastructure is required.

A friend went to an emergency planning group meeting and as he was
describing 1200 baud packet radio, the equipment, the nodes for
extending communication range, and the application software a couple
of IT guys at the table scoffed at the idea of using such a slow
system for an EOC emergency message system as a backup.  The friend
walked over to the IT guys and handed them a pencil and piece of paper
and said well then you had better start learning to write real fast
because that's all you are left with when infrastructure fails.

So maybe showing the kids of the world a UDRX-440 based network isn't
so bad after all.  It doesn't have to mirror the commercial world...
where is the innovation in that?  But it certainly has the potential
capability of handling text, voice, pictures, GPS data faster than
writing with a pencil. monthly user fee and the capability to keep working
when the infrastructure fails....something to show the kids.


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