Re: 44 addresses / JNOS 56K / Gateway Security ?

Bill Vodall <wa7nwp@...>

Had you said "We wanna make a facebook-like social network," that would have
been one thing... It's probably a "Thing" that would be popular for a few
minutes in a few geographic regions before following BBS' 1998 journey into
obscurity, but it would be a thing none the less.
1.5 billion earthlings find social networks a bit more interesting..
Compare that to the 15 or so folks still on packet radio.. The
multi-media multi-mode communications web application (Facebook and
more) is the exciting future..

But that's a far cry from telling the high schoolers that they can Facebook
on Ham Radio; Merely making the statement could be a liability, because what
happens when they take you literally?
I would love to see a hand full of high schoolers doing Facebook
across town on Ham Radio. It would be an awesome accomplishment and
probably one of the high points for the year.

The unfortunate twist is that Ham Radio isn't needed for it. That's
all available with COTS cheap hardware. It could be shoehorned into a
pseudo Ham Radio project with some small advantages but then it would
be quickly shot down.

Not to mention the fact that Facebook uses all kinds of media types that
aren't well suited for this bandwidth... And once all restrictions pan out,
it won't really be very Facebook like. In fact, it will be fairly BBS
like... And as previously mentioned, that lost its allure about two decades
What bandwidth restrictions? With a bit of creativity we can do
fractional gigabits. Even limiting it to the technology sponsoring
this discussion - crafty multicasting and caching techniques can
provide far more than the apparent native speeds.

So again... What real traffic will this network carry?
IM, CHAT, Email, pictures, files, database replication, federated
wiki's, audio, ham radio now presentations.. Everything...

And if it's just
EmComm stuff... I'm on board, I'll set up a node... But I won't be comparing
it to Facebook, and I sure won't be presenting it to the younger generation
as any kind of revolutionary wave of the future.
We have far more potential than that... If we don't do it - we might
as well just move over to running CW emulators on some Skype channel.


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