Re: RF access point application confirmation


--- Michael E Fox - N6MEF wrote:
> The UDRX-440 functions as either a layer 2 bridge or a layer 3 router.

I'm interested only in TCP/IP, not AX.25 or D-Star.  So I have the same question.

If the radio doesn't yet have that capability, I assume it will be possible to write software to make it so (even if that requires re-transmitting packets on the same, or different, frequency).  Is that correct?

Ken N8KH

PS  Part of mesh networking will be the link layer, and connecting/solving the hidden node problem.  Not all nodes should be connected; aggregate network bandwidth can be higher, and the users served better, under an optimal link layer solution, rather than an everybody connected to everybody link layer solution.  This is still a very active area of research in which amateur radio operators could contribute a great deal -- if only we had the hardware to experiment with.

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