How Open? How Free? OpenBSD? NetBSD?


How open/free will the platform be?

Will I be able to port OpenBSD, compile all of the device drivers, and have the computer/radio run on OpenBSD instead of Linux?  (Requiring GPL for some software is fine with me, and even preferred, to make sure it stays open and free.)

(I prefer OpenBSD for all interfaces to the outside world, for its greater security.  A radio interface is certainly an interface to the outside world.)

How will the system boot?  U-Boot?  PXE?  Either?

Will it be possible to completely control/configure the system via text-based files, or will the web server be required?  If I want to, can I disable the web server, and control it via text-based files in /etc?  I don't mind if the GUI is provided for other people to use, but I prefer a traditional text-based interface for myself.

Ken N8KH

PS  Having NetBSD ported to the platform would be another feather in your cap.  And you don't have to do the work.  The NetBSD folks will do it for you if you are open enough.

PPS  I'm interested in helping to develop mobile ad-hoc mesh networking algorithms and protocols.  I also do DSP.

PPPS  I'm also interested in the next generation radio, which should be capable of roughly 400 kHz - 1 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth, and correspondly higher data rates, perhaps on the microwave bands.

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