Re: How Open? How Free? OpenBSD? NetBSD?


--- John Hays K7VE wrote:
> Some components, e.g. the AMBE-3000 chip,
> are protected intellectual property ...

I understand, and I really don't care. I won't use it.  I can use Codec2 instead.

By the way, I'm very pleased that the AMBE chip is not included in the radio by default, forcing all users to pay an AMBE tax, even if they don't plan to use it.  That was an excellent design decision!  Thank you.

> Some components, e.g. microprocessors, etc.
> are protected intellectual property ...

That's the scary part.  And you really didn't answer the question.

As soon as you can say it is really, totally, absolutely, completely open, fully documented, etc., you should emphatically do so.  Otherwise, I must assume that you have a Raspberry Pi situation.

So sad, for an otherwise very promising product.

Please alleviate my (and others') fears on this isue as soon as you possibly can.

> We are very interested in mobile ad-hoc
> mesh networking and DSP development
> (especially for modulation and demodulation
> using I/Q).  If you possess the skills, we
> would love to hear what you have done
> and what you have in mind.

As far as low-level signal processing goes, my email address should give you a very big clue as to my capabilities and accomplishments.

I've also done very special purpose software defined radios.

I don't have as much experience in designing mobile ad-hoc mesh networking algorithms, but I did work for two years implementing algorithms which others developed for the WIN-T tactical radio system.  WIN-T is a mobile ad-hoc mesh networking TCP/IP communication system.  All of that work was at layer 2 of the OSI 7-layer network stack, which in fact is the interesting layer.

Ken N8KH

PS  The issue of fully documented radio interfaces is essentially identical to that of microprocessor booting, for all hardware in the radio. I don't need to know the innards of how it works, but I do require a complete interface specification so I can use the product.

PPS  It should go without saying that all users always need a complete interface specification; if they don't have a complete interface specification, then how do they properly use the product? It says something very bad about our modern world that interfaces are kept proprietary.  I will continue to choose and use products that are completely documented, and refuse to buy and use products that aren't. I hope your product is in the former category. But now I am not sure.  Please assure me as soon as you can.

PPPS  Send me one of the single board computers so I can port OpenBSD to it.  I'll send it back to you when I'm done. Or I'll be happy to send it on to the NetBSD team.

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