Re: How Open? How Free? OpenBSD? NetBSD?

Tom Hayward <esarfl@...>

On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 12:17 PM, 'John D. Hays' john@...
[UniversalDigitalRadio] <> wrote:
NW Digital Radio will publish the source to its drivers and supporting software,
Allowing us to see the source isn't terribly useful. To do great
things, we need the code to come with a license that allows free
modification. What license will you use? (If you need help choosing
one, this site is great: )

Healthy open source projects also have a defined process for
integrating changes. This is what has made GitHub so popular. Not only
do they provide a place to store code, they provide a way to suggest,
review, and integrate changes from others. Think about how you will
handle this process.


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