Re: No 2m but still an APRS igate?

Sander Pool <sander_pool@...>

I was actually thinking of using a soundmodem to add a second TNC to my D710. The intent was to run Winlink 2000 on one and APRS on the other, from the same laptop. The radio does the -plexing. I could also do the gating between 2m and 70cm APRS in the same way.

Well, that's the theory anyway :)

I've been running igate W1SOP-3 on 445.925 for a while now but haven't received anything but my own test packets from a D72. I think in this area a dedicated 70cm igate is not the best investment of resources yet. Maybe in time.


    Sander W1SOP

On 5/23/2012 5:25 AM, Tony Langdon, VK3JED wrote:

At 04:29 AM 5/23/2012, you wrote:

>Here's the good news though. Â If you have a
>current igate on 2m, you can replace the
>computer with a UDR56K, attach a USB-to-Serial
>cable  to the TNC and radio to continue to
>service the 144.39 net, while offering 9600 baud
>or better APRS on the UDR56K's 70cm radio. Â
>Then you would have a dual band igate with less
>power requirement (by loosing the computer) and
>a much smaller package. Â Attach a diplexer and
>dual band antenna and you are ready to go.

Now this is a neat idea!

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