My ThumbDV won't work


I can’t get my ThumbDV to work.  Apparently, my computer cannot see it.  My friends report that when they plugged their ThumbDV into a WinBook 700 it automatically installed drivers, etc.  Mine did nothing when I plugged it in.

I have tried it on my WinBook 700 (its operating system is Windows 8.1); a desktop running Windows 7; and also a Dell laptop running XP, with no luck. I also tried running the ThumbDV on my wife’s WinBook700 to no avail.

When I run NAWinConfig or NAWinTest, I get the error message is, “node adapter not detected.”

 Does it sound like something is wrong with the ThumbDV or am I missing a step in installation?

BTW, I can operate my DVDongle (using DVTool) with the WinBook, no problem...

73 Tom

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