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The tools NAWinConfig and NAWinTest are for testing Node Adapters and not USB attached AMBE devices like the ThumbDV.

Open the program "Device Manager" and go to the COM/LPT list.  Plug the ThumbDV in and see if a new "USB Serial" device shows up and note its number, e.g. COM4, and unplug it and see if it disappears from the list.  If it appears and disappears, your computer is seeing it.

Go to WinDV (be sure you have the beta 1.5.8-x from DUTCH*Star -- you have to ask for it) and select the ThumbDV and configure it to use the COM port you see in the list. (DVTool has not been modified to support ThumbDV)

If the ThumbDV not showing up, it's possible that the driver didn't install.  You will note on the page there is a link to get the drivers directly from FTDI.

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I can’t get my ThumbDV to work.  Apparently, my computer cannot see it.  My friends report that when they plugged their ThumbDV into a WinBook 700 it automatically installed drivers, etc.  Mine did nothing when I plugged it in.

I have tried it on my WinBook 700 (its operating system is Windows 8.1); a desktop running Windows 7; and also a Dell laptop running XP, with no luck. I also tried running the ThumbDV on my wife’s WinBook700 to no avail.

When I run NAWinConfig or NAWinTest, I get the error message is, “node adapter not detected.”

 Does it sound like something is wrong with the ThumbDV or am I missing a step in installation?

BTW, I can operate my DVDongle (using DVTool) with the WinBook, no problem...

73 Tom


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