Re: How Open? How Free? OpenBSD? NetBSD?

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OK, I think I understand: As an OS developer, you find the lack of documentation on hardware to be a major restriction. I can understand that; I'm just not an OS developer, none of my code runs directly on the chip... And there isn't much I can't do in Linux. Honestly, the Raspberry Pi is as open as it's target audience actually needed.

I come from a Geography background, and the lack of openness in the GPS industry, particularly with regard to interfaces, is infuriating: Nothing is truly open, and the best one can hope for is a wide set of APIs typically found in only the most expensive units. Same thing with GSM modem chipsets; The Neo Freerunner was a completely open smartphone except for it's GSM baseband. At least those applications have military and FCC concerns to protect, and while I disagree, I can understand the perspective.

I am suspicious of the UDRX having similar problems, but am generally optimistic... Unlike GPS and GSM, Amateur Radio Operators are SUPPOSED to be trusted with the innards of our equipment. I might not be fully in the know, but I can't imagine anyone benefiting from NOT giving full access to the RF stack. Maybe I'm just not worrying enough.

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